Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

Imotobank is currently accepting Massachusetts investors to partner with us in building the next generation of automotive dealerships. A dealership that is efficient, technologically forward thinking, and altruistic towards its customers. We are growing a one of a kind dealership based on relationships and personal communication and we want you to be part of our future.

Important Info:

Backers have been earning a direct rate of return with us for years. We have a proven track record of success.

In the space where traditional banks reside, we pay a higher rate of interest directly to you bypassing the bank, earning you a large margin on your money.

If you choose to invest $5000 or less, you will earn 6% interest, paid at 0.5% monthly. If you choose to invest more than $5000, you will earn 12% interest, paid at 1% monthly.

Once your deposit is received you will be given a receipt with our MA compliant crowd sourcing note. You can recoup your deposit with a 60 day written notice.

If you would like to invest with us, please respond via the form below or contact me directly. You can reach me, Phillip Ibrahim, the COO, via telephone at 617-538-2099 or via email at .

Thank you and God bless you,
Phillip Ibrahim, COO

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