What We Do


Imotobank is a dealership built on relationships. A great relationship with our customers is our highest priority. We ship cars across the country and customers have even come from Alaska to purchase our cars.

We are a low overhead high volume dealer, so you can be sure that you will purchase a great car at a price that is thousands less than anywhere else. We are also fully bonded and insured and we warranty our cars and stand behind them.

The most exciting aspect of our business is that we fill orders for most of our cars. Our customers call us and we have a consultative approach to the customers automotive needs. We have a unique business model and have sold more than 5000 cars nationwide, many of them sight unseen.


  • We work with you to get you the car you need.
  • Our help doesn’t begin and end with the sale. It’s a continuous process.
  • Our staff can consult you on what vehicle will suit you best.
  • We are a licensed and bonded MA dealer servicing the entire United States.
  • We’ve sold over 10,000 cars from our MA location both nationally and locally.
  • Let us fill an order for you.
  • Have a computer meeting with us right from your home.

How We Can Help

Our Services

Warranty Included

We warranty our vehicles because we believe that you should have confidence when you purchase from us.

Customers Love Us

We have thousands of satisfied customers. They refer their friends and family because of their great experience with Imotobank.

Registration Services

We do everything from calling and getting your insurance stamp to registering your car at the RMV for you for local transactions. For out of state transactions we are happy to assist you in any way to register your new vehicle.

Every Vehicle Inspected

We inspect our vehicles and make sure that they pass the rigorous MA inspection, even for national deliveries. In addition, online vehicle orders are inspected by a third party. Areas checked include fluids (oil, brake, power steering), tires, brakes, dashboard lights, lamps, and more.

Vehicle Delivery

We will happily deliver your vehicle to your driveway. Never leave your work to come pick it up!

Vehicle Support

If you need help with a feature of your new vehicle, don’t hesitate to call. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.


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