Frequently Asked Questions

Imotobank is a dealership built on relationships. A great relationship with our customers is our highest priority.

We ship cars across the country and customers have even come from Alaska to purchase our cars.

We are an internet company with a local presence. That means we have low overhead and sell many vehicles across the country and locally. So you can be sure that you will purchase a great vehicle at a great price. We are fully bonded and insured and we warranty our vehicles and stand behind them.

The most exciting aspect of our business is that we fill orders for almost any vehicle. Our customers call us and we have a consultative approach to the customer’s automotive needs. We have a unique business model and have sold more than 10000 cars nationwide, many of them sight unseen. Call today 617-538-2099

We begin by a brief consultation on your needs and wants so that we can narrow down the needs you are looking for in a vehicle.  Then we scour our network of vehicles across the country together to find you the perfect car that matches all of your needs, at wholesale prices.  We make it easy for you by doing the paperwork and will even deliver the car straight to your door.
europelogos2Just give our office a call or fill out our form here! One of our experts will assist you in asking a couple questions about what you are looking for. Then we can look for you or look with you for that specific model!
warranty2We stand behind our vehicles because we believe that they are mechanically sound. That’s why a warranty is included with your car purchase and the vehicle is guaranteed to pass MA state inspection.
mechanicalman2We don’t try to sell you on expensive aftermarket warranties. We believe that if you purchase a great car, maintenance for it will be cheaper overall than the price of a warranty. After all, the warranty companies are in business because they make money! If you insist on purchasing a warranty, we can direct you to a few options of warranty companies.
2012-bmw-650i-coupe-engine2Every vehicle that is ordered is inspected multiple times. First by the independent facilitation site that guarantees the transaction, and next by our technicians once the car arrives at our site. We also warranty our cars and guarantee that they will pass inspection so you can buy with confidence!
Auto-TransportWe deliver cross country and can deliver locally at no extra charge. You never have to leave the comfort of your home!
delivery_time2Most vehicles can be delivered to your door within a week! We make every effort to get your new car to you as soon as possible.
carloan2We work with national and local credit unions and banks to get you the very best rates and to get you approved for your new vehicle. In addition, we can help you if you have new credit or cannot prove your income.
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